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Dubai launches new public platform for reporting economic crimes

Operating under Economic Security Centre of Dubai will enforce strict confidentiality to encourage wider participation

Dubai has launched a new platform that will help the public report economic crimes, as the emirate continues to bolster its economic security framework and growth.

The platform, which is part of the Economic Security Centre of Dubai, is aimed at boosting community engagement and helping reduce the negative implications of financial misdeeds on the business community and wider society, the Government of Dubai Media Office said on Tuesday.

The move would also serve as an additional layer of protection for companies leveraging the advantages of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and digital transformation, which are being exploited by cybercriminals to carry out their illicit activities.

The channel, which will enforce strict confidentiality to encourage wider participation from the public, was launched by Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed, chairman of the Dubai Border Security Council, on the sidelines of the Al Ameen Forum in Dubai.

The platform “serves as an additional channel to report economic crimes including money laundering, terror funding, bribery, forgery and embezzlement that could potentially impact Dubai’s economy or its resources”, the statement said.

It is part of “efforts to bolster security systems to safeguard the economies of Dubai and the UAE”, which highlight the “importance of increased community involvement in protecting the national economy”, it added.

“Such participation would reinforce mechanisms in place to combat such crimes,” Sheikh Mansoor said.

The UAE has been active in countering the threat posed by economic crimes, which can have potentially devastating impacts.